Disposable Doesn’t Have to be Distasteful

Let me start by saying, “I hate using paper products!” People gave me all sorts of dished, platters, and glassware for my wedding, and I think it should be used. I definitely do not believe in saving something for good. I might regret this stance when the Queen, Oprah, and Martha Stewart decided to stop by for brunch, but for now it is how I feel.

This is not how my husband, or his family feel. I do agree with them that it is much easier to be able to just throw everything away and not have to do dishes. And when you are hosting more than a few people, you don’t want to spend your event rinsing and loading. So, the past few times the in-laws visited, I listened to Adele Nazeem (aka Idina Menzel… thanks John Travolta) and “Let It Go”…

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